Our jumping castles are perfect for birthday parties, family reunions and any other function where children will be present.

Things to keep in mind when you want to hire a jumping castle at Stellenbosch Castles & Slides


1. The age of the children at your event

If the children at your event will be toddlers, you would want a different jumping castle than if you had a couple of busy 10 year olds running around.

Hiring the wrong jumping castle can be unsafe for smaller kids, and can perhaps become boring for some of the older kids.
Keep this in mind when deciding on a castle or slide.

All slides and castles have an age’s restriction of up to 12 years.

No adults on our castles and slides.

2. The safety of the Jumping Castle Hire 

Safety always first!

All castles and slides must always be used with supervision of an adult.

Do not overload any inflatable. Weight per inflatable is 100kg.  That is between 5 – 8 children depending on the weight and size of the
children. The maximum rider capacity should never be exceeded. By keeping factors such as age and gender in mind, and some good
old common sense, you should be able to hire the perfect jumping 
castle from Stellenbosch Castle & Slides.


3. Available space

These jumping castles are deceptively big. Make sure you measure the space you have available for the castle, as we would hate you
getting to your function only to find out our castle doesn’t fit.


4. Jumping Castle Availability

It is crucial to consider that some castles and slides are much more popular than others. Make sure to book your jumping castle well in
advance, to avoid the disappointment of not getting the castle you 


5. Collection and Delivery

Al prices exclude delivery. Please ask for a delivery/collection quote well in avenge. This will help make sure that your castle and/or slide are delivered in time for your big event.

Please keep in mind that some of these castles are very heavy and lifting over walls are not allowed.

Returning of all castle and slides are the same day rented before 18:00


6. Extension Leads, Generators & Hosepipes

We do not supply extension leads, generators or hosepipes.